24th March 2020 – The Races SA – Nick Redin

Dear Owners,

I write to seek your co-operation with the restrictions we have put in place to ensure the racing industry meets the Federal Government’s ban on mass gatherings over 500 people and other restrictions Thoroughbred Racing SA, in consultation with industry stakeholders, has implemented.

All thoroughbred activities have been restricted to essential racing personnel only. These activities are defined as:

  • Race Meetings
  • Training
  • All forms of trials
  • All forms of jump outs
  • Trainers Stables
  • Spelling Properties

A definition of Essential Racing Personnel can be found on our media release.

We have implemented these measures to try to protect our environment and the 3,600 jobs in the industry as best as possible and to minimise the chance of a case of COVID-19 affecting racing.

It is also to protect jockeys, apprentices and track work riders. We simply cannot afford for them to contract COVID-19. Should a rider get it, and we cannot contain it, it would affect our ability to keep going.

This effectively means that, unless you are filling an essential position at any of the above events, you simply cannot be there.

I appreciate we are asking a lot of you in that you cannot see your horses live or visit them in their stables, and yet we are asking you to keep up your involvement in the Industry. However, your support at this time is critical.

TRSA is doing all we can so we can continue to race during this period, keep the industry going and pay the prizemoney out. All racing vision is available on the TRSA website www.theracessa.com.au.  This now includes club jump outs.

I thank you in advance for working with us to adhere to the restrictions TRSA has put in place.

Good luck in racing.  I hope to see you at the track when COVID-19 has passed and racing can return to normal.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Redin – Chief Executive Officer