Ducatoon Park

Ducatoon Park is located at Kadina on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, about a two hour drive north of Adelaide.

The property – one of the most picturesque in the region – covers 325 acres of limestone country and is dedicated to rearing of thoroughbred racehorses.

Peter, wife Valmai and family purchased the property in 1995. It had been used for grain growing and hadn’t had any horses on it since the ‘horse-team days’.

The original property was divided into just 5 paddocks with 3 water troughs. The only power point outside of the house was used by the pressure pump to supply rainwater to the house.

After nine years of hard work the family transformed the property into a boutique horse stud.  Raceways were established to connect all 17 paddocks and 155 gates were installed, all designed for simplicity of work and convenience.

Thousands of trees have been planted at Ducatoon Park, not only for shelter and windbreaks, but also for ‘sighters’.  Each paddock is separated from another by rows of trees or raceways. Fences are all 5’ high with poly-pipe on the top wire for easier sighting.

When Peter and Valmai shifted to Ducatoon Park, they brought with them 6 mares of their own and 3 outside mares. These ranks have now swelled . These ‘outsiders’ are owned by clients as far away as Gold Coast, Sydney, Birdsville, Pt. Lincoln and Adelaide.